Holiday food and body image course

Enjoy Holiday Foods Again

A big part of holiday celebrations is food. When struggling with food and body, this element of enjoyment is taken from you and replaced with feelings of guilt, shame, and anxiety. Rediscover the joy of making memories over holiday foods and savoring holiday treats through this course. We break it down step-by-step, giving you all the tools necessary to fully embrace the holidays once again.

Break Free From the Joy-Thief

Are you struggling with feeling comfortable in your body?

Do you feel overwhelming guilt, stress, or anxiety when you think about holiday meals and Christmas cookies?

Do you find yourself restricting all day to prepare for an event, only to feel completely out of control around the food later?

Do you spend hours trying on different outfits, picking your body apart in each one, before heading out to a social gathering?


You are not alone and you are not stuck here. This course takes you step-by-step through the process of breaking free from food, body, and dieting struggles during the holiday season.

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Body image during the holidays
Make Peace with Food

Learn how to make peace with holiday foods and incorporate them into your life in a joyful way!

(Yes, it's possible!)

Holiday ED Recovery Course
Rediscover Holiday Joy

Learn how to fully embrace the joys of the holiday season like a kid again - without the dark cloud of diet culture.

Holiday ED Recovery
Be Present at Events

Ever physically been at an event but mentally counting calories and picking apart your body? Let's learn how to be fully present again.

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Special Bonus Features

Since this IS a holiday course, I figured I'd throw in some extra gifts for you to take with you. This course includes 5 FREE bonus printables (worksheets, booklets, and more!) and an extra special offer worth OVER $120.

Happy Holidays!

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